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Frequently asked questions


  • A valid identification card/ passport,
  • Valid driver's license for all named drivers. Driver's licenses printed in non-Roman alphabet (Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, etc.) must be accompanied by an international driver's license as well as for non EU residents. 


* additional information UK (Brexit): at the moment there is no additional documents for possible car rental at ATET.


  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard or Diners) on the name of the renter. If you do not have a credit card then a card that has an option of reservation of the funds (blocking the funds) is also acceptable.



Students who are studying in Slovenia only need:

  • Valid identification card/ passport,
  • Valid drivers license
  • valid Student Card from their university in Slovenia
  • payment is possible with Credit Card, debit card or cash


The price you see when making a booking online includes:  


  • Limited Mileage (Terms and Conditions) / 500km per day for rentals up to 7 days ; 250km per day for rentals 8+ days. Monthly rentals information at our Reservation's centre.
  • Basic Insurance with responsibility of the renter 
  • Usage of Slovenian vignette
  • Selected extras


From 15.11. until 15.3. winter regulations apply in Slovenia and additional product WINTER PACKAGE is included in all rentals. The additional charge is 5,00€ per day (Erasmus students 2,50€ per day) and the maximum charge is up to 10 rental days - even if the rental period is longer than 10 days. More informations regarding winter package below.



Primer: (označeno z rumeno barvo):



Winter package includes everything you need for a safe drive. It consists of quality winter tyres, which are the most important part of the vehicle. Most drivers know that snow and ice can dramatically affect their safety on the road. Steering, acceleration and braking are more difficult as normal tyres have less grip in these conditions. However, it is not just these extreme wintry conditions which can reduce your safety on the road. Even cold, damp roads can dramatically affect the performance of tyres, leading to an increased accident risk.


Winter package is additionally charged between 15.11. and 15.3. (winter season).

  • Price: 5,00€ per day (for Erasmus students 2,50€ per day). Maximum charge is for 10 rental days.


Winter package includes: quality winter tires, ice scraper, fluid against freezing of windshield


Check all informations and advices for driving in winter time: 


Out of hours pick up of the vehicle is possible if it is previously agreed on and confirmed from ATET.

Pick up out of the working hours is additionally charged in the amount of 30,50 eur.


Working hours of ATET Rent a Car offices (Ljubljana, Maribor, Koper):

  • MON - FRI: 08:00 - 18:00
  • SAT, SUN and HOLIDAYS: 08:00 - 13:00


Ljubljana Airport: 

  • MON - SUN and HOLIDAYS: 08:00 - 22:00


If you are picking up the vehicle on Ljubljana Airport, please enter your flight number when making your booking online or sendin a query, so our agents will be able to monitor the flight for any possible delays.


Even if the flight is late our agent will wait for the renter, but out of hours pick up will be additionally charged in the amount of 30,50 eur. 


*In case the vehicle is returned out of hours (without an agent present) the returned vehicle will be checked the next working day in the morning. Until then the responsibility is remaining on the renter.



The cost of young driver fee applies when:


  • Persons age is between  18  and 21 years
  • Person has a valid driver license less than 2 years (from date of first passing drivers licenses 


The cost of Young Driver fee is additionally charged in the amount of 10,00€ / day. In case rental is longer than 10 days, the maximum amount that will be charged is 80,00€ for whole rental period.


*Exception: International students, Erasmus programme, students on exchange programme in Slovenia: the cost of Young Driver fee is 5,00€ / day or the maximum amount of 40,00€ if the rental is longer than 8 days.


 (Terms and Conditions, section II. Authorized driving


All rented vehicles include basic insurance with renters responsiblity - the amount up to which the renter is responsible for the vehicle depends on selected category of the vehicle. (Read more in Terms and Conditions, Section IX. Insurance and Liability )


Renter has a possibility to add additional insurance / Excess Protection, which reduces the responsibility of the renter in case of damage. Excess Protection is additionally charged and the amount depends on selected Protection package as well as selected category of the vehicle. 


  • RCDW = Reduced Protection 
  • SCDW =  Super Protection 
  • ALL All Inclusive Premium Protection 


(Read more in Terms and Conditions, Section IX. Insurance and Liability )





RCDW Reduced Protection: Renters responsibility is reduced for half of total excess of the vehicle (the amount depends on selected car group).


SCDW Super Protection: Renters responsibility is reduced to 0. In case someone scratches the vehicle on the parking lot, in time of your absence, you are not responsible for the caused scratches/ damage, since Super Protection will cover the damages made on the body of the car. Selected excess protection does not cover possible damages made on tires, windows or undercarriage. If during rental there will be any new damages then additional administrative cost will be added in amount 70,00 €.


ALL Inclusive Premium Protection: Renters responsibility is reduced to 0. In case someone scratches the vehicle on the parking lot, in time of your absence, you are not responsible for the caused scratches/ damage, since Premium Protection will cover the damages made on the body of the car. This package also covers damages on tires, windows and undercarriage, since additional WUG Insurance is included. Renter also has a service of Road Assistance included (more information about this product below) and does not need to pay Administration Handling Fee in the amount of 70,00€, which is otherwise included when damage on the vehicle is done.


*Every renter has an option of including  WUG Protection outside of any insurance package as well, which is additionally charged in the amount of 10,00€/ day ( applies for all car categories in car fleet). 


WUG Protection covers:


  • damages on tires
  • damages on windows
  • damages on undercarriage



Protection packages RCDW / SCDW do not cover below mentioned damages:


  • damage inside the vehicle and engine sump.
  • decorative covers and aerial damage
  • when driving under the influence of alcohol, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, drugs, where driving is not recommended, barbiturates and other narcotics
  • while not taking good care of the vehicle or while damaging it on purpose
  • if the Renter appears without a valid driving license at the time of damage being done
  • if the damage results from ignorance of the terms set forth in Article II of these Terms and Conditions
  • if the damage to the vehicle occurs in the areas not covered by the vehicle's insurance policy, and which are listed therein
  • in other cases as mentioned in the insurance policy.


In all the situations listed above, the Renter shall be responsible for the costs of the damage done to the vehicle.

Atet reserves the right to look for, investigate any damage to the vehicle to during a period of three working days after the end of the rental, and charge the Renter therefor. 
The Renter must cover any difference between the expenses for the damage to the vehicle and the maximum policy insurance amount for that damage to the vehicle.



In case during rental period there is a planned trip to an island or a different kind of ferry transfer there will be an additional cost of Ferry transfer. Renter needs to provide this information before actual transfer with ferry.


Cost of permit for ferry transfer is 36,60€.


In case ATET is not previously informed of ferry transfer with rented vehicle and information is found out, the renter will be then charged the double cost of permit in the amount of 73,20€.


During your rental period there can always come to unexpected situations or different kinds of complications, whic can occur very quickly on the road. At ATET we also offer the possibility of help service on the road to keep you at peace.


Proffessionals can help you with neccessary information: information on the condition of vehicle, information of different meanings of certain signals inside the vehicle, help in case of flat tyre, help at arranging a car tow, help with ignition problems, delivery of fuel, cost of delivering a new or a spare key.


Cost of Road assist is 5,00€ per day and up to maximum amount of 50,00€, in case the rental is longer than 10 days.


*If renters have a Road assistance service included they will not be additionally charged for help activation on the road (which would in other way be 50,00€). This way renters will have that covered.


*If renter does not have a Road assistance included: in case of service oh help on the road the renters will of course get all the help they need, but there will be an additional cost for help activation in the amount of 50,00€ + actual costs of car tow, repairs, losses of keys etc.


In ATET renter can be charged the following administrative costs:


  • Administrative cost for damage process / AHF
  • Administrative cost for fine handling (traffic offences and fines / FHF


Administrative handling fee (AHF) is charged in each case when there is a need for forwarding data to neccessary organization, office, governemtn etc. and there is additional administrative work and costs for ATET, which have occurred because of damage, in case of new injury on the vehicle which has been made from renter, in time of their rental period.


  • Administration handling fee is additionally charged in the amount of 70,00€ (with tax).


Administrative cost for fine handling fees (FHF) is additionally charged in all cases and situations, when there is a need for data forwarding from ATET to neccesary organization, police, offices, government, garages etc. because of a traffice offence or fine, that have ocurred in the time of rental by the renter.


  • Administration fine handling fee etc. is  additionally charged in the amount of 25,00€ (with tax).


* Because of official time periods and length of the criminal processes and the acquisition of suitable documentation, ATET is entitled to charges of cost even after completed rent and closed rental agreement (with presentation of suitable documentation and evidence).


Payment is made upon the pick up of the vehicle in the amount of rental costs + deposit (informations about the deposit in next section below)


We only accept Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard or Diners) or a Card that has an option of reserving/ blocking the funds on it.


Please contact your bank before payment is needed to see if your Card will be suitable.


The name on the credit card needs to be the same as the primary driver of the rental car.

If you book and pay for the car for in advance you will need to make sure that the credit card that you paid with is presented when you pick up the vehicle as well as the owner of the card.


Additional information: or +386 1 320 82 30.


Deposit varies and it depends on selected car group (different excess by groups) and on selected protection package (insurance).


  • Excess varies depending on selected group from 1000,00 – 2500,00 eur.


Excess means that the renter is responsible for the vehicle up to maximum written amount in case of damage.


On your Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard or Diners) a reservation of funds will be made upon the pick up for the amount of: rental costs + excess.


  • Deposit made on your Credit Card is there is any additional Protection included is included: rental costs + deposit (table below).


  • RCDW = Reduced Protection
  • SCDW =  Super Protection
  • ALL = All Inclusive Premium Protection



Excess Protections are additionally charged per day and the amount depends on selected car group.


You can also find information about Excess and Excess Protection in our Terms and Conditions, at section about Insurance and Liability: 


If you are an Erasmus student:


  • With SCDW Super protection, with 0 EUR Excess, your deposit would be 70,00 €.
  • With ALL Inclusive Premium Protection, with 0 EUR Excess, your deposit would be 70,00 €. 
  • With RCDW Reduced Protection deposit would be in the amount of reduced Excess + Rental costs.
  • With no Protection package your deposit would be in the amount of Excess + Rental costs.

 Students can leave their deposit either by Credit Card or in cash.

If the deposit is left in cash it means that the renter will receive the deposit back right away after returning the vehicle.


If the deposit is left with Credit Card that means that regular bank procedures for credit card apply.


Deposit is made on a Credit Card upon the pick up - the amount is blocked and when the vehicle is returned we only charge the amount of rental costs and the rest is released from our side. Please note that normally it takes your bank from 7-14 days to release the funds back on your account.


You can get a Quote with a calculation on our websites (links below):


-           Erasmus students:

-           All customers:


Additional information or help on: or +386 1 320 82 30.


It is possible to deliver the vehicle to location other than one of our offices. When making a booking online please write in the comment box the location where you would like to pick up the vehicle.  


It is also possible to deliver the vehicle in countries other than Slovenia. There is no distance limitations but please note that this is additionally charged. The additional cost depends on desired location and the information is given before confirming the booking from our Reservation's Centre.


  • More informations and inquiry on: or +386 1 320 82 30.


It is possible to drive abroad with our rental car with inclusion of a Cross Border Card, which is additionally charged.


  • The cost of Cross Border Card is 36,60€ per rental and it is valid for the whole rental period. Cross Border Card is included at the time of pick up of the vehicle.


Currently it is not allowed to take our rental car in the countries below:


International students have cross border card included free of charge.



  • Albania
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus
  • Bulgaria
  • Estonia
  • Georgia
  • Greece
  • Kazahstan
  • Kosovo
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Moldova
  • Russia
  • Romania
  • Tajikistan
  •  Tajikistan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan


If you plan to travel outside of Slovenia Cross Border card needs to be included before leaving Slovenia.


ATET provides a vehicle with a full tank and the vehicle should return in the same condition as well. Renter can return the vehicle with an empty or half empty fuel tank but in this case the missing fuel will be charged as well as refilling service, in the amount 20,00€ (with tax). 


More informations and conditions regarding fuel in our Terms and Conditions under section VI. Fuel: 



Cancelation or modification of existing confirmed reservation is possible without having to pay any additional cancelation/amendment fee.


If a reservation with a different pick up location (other than our offices) is canceled the same day or if the vehicle is already waiting for the customer, then charge for one day rental + costs of delivery will be made.

* It applies for reservation's where preauthorization before pick up date is required


Contact us on or 00386 1 320 82 30 / 00386 30 313 313 for all cancelations or modifications.