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A roadtrip to Bled is one of the best roadtrips in every season of the year. One short drive away to Gorenjska region and you can enjoy the fairytale view of the island in the middle of the Bled lake.

One of the most gorgeous, popular destinations and we can almost say world wonders, in Slovenia and around the world, is certainly our beautiful, breathtaking Bled. 

Town around Lake Bled is known as one of the oldest cities and most beautiful in Slovenia. Bled is also very popular amongst tourist as well, who every year take the time to visit it during their time in Slovenia.  Lake presents a center around which all major events, builidngs and activities take place. In near surroundings we can also find several hills and mountains, which attract hikers who enjoy a hike on an altitude between 600m in 750m.

In the middle of the lake we can find a wonderful Bled Island, on which also stands a church with an interesting history and a carrier of several secrets. One of those must be a wishing bell, which for years and years is believed to fulfill visitors secret desires and requests.

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One should arrive to the island with a boat and row it right to the shore from where we then proceed to the famous staircase, with total of 99 steps. Ther's a story behind also and an old tradition, which is still alive today. It says that a groom has to carry his lovely bride up all the 99 stone steps, right to the top, if the happy couple wants to get married on the island in the church of course.

Our green pearl of Slovenia is a perfect choice and a great idea for a short car rental trip or a vacation during your time in Slovenia, since it offers all kinds of activities from different categories, which are popular amongst both local people and tourists. Based on your desires and wishes you can adjust all of it to your liking. It is suitable for eternal romantics, adrenaline junkies, hikers, active sport lovers, biggest nature fans, foodies and delicious culinary lovers and of course for everyone who come "just because" on a Bled cream cake or two

Either in summer, spring, fall or winter there is a whole list of activities which you can enjoy in Bled:

  • Boatride on the lake
  • Walk or a run around Bled lake
  • Visit Bled Island
  • Visit adventure park
  • Sport and alpine climbing
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Stand-up paddling
  • Swimming
  • Rowing, boating, kayaking
  • Canyoning, tubing, bellyjak, hydrospeed
  • Summer tobogganing
  • Rafting
  • Zipline
  • Fishing
  • Paintball
  • Sledding
  • Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing in snowboarding
  • Ski Touring, snowshoeing
  • Ice skating
  • Panoramic aeoroplane flights
  • Paragliding

In case you are planning on driving with your rental car to Bled during winter you should most definitely visit the amazing event in month of December as well, Bled legend of bells of love . The legend says that during the transport of the bell to the middle of the lake a storm broke out and sank the boat with the bell and boatmen. Now every year an event takes place on 25th of December, where divers go on an underwater quest to bring the bell from the bottom of the lake up to the shore. You can read all the details about this legend HERE.

During your exploring you most certainly can not forget about world known traditional Bled Cream cake, which you can find in various coffee places and bakeries, but of course a ture original cream cake is only found in Bled.

Most Instagrammable locations at Bled:

  • Bled Castle
  • Ojstrica
  • Mala Osojnica
  • Velika Osojnica
  • Bled heart at the lake
  • Bled boat at the lake

Car rental in Slovenia, which takes care of all your needs was never this easy and affordable! 

All you need is a decision on where to go: left, right, going south or east and of course a car spacious and comfortable enough, which is a thing we can take care of! You can completely modify your type of travel based on your wishes, desires, your current mood, sort of activities you would like to enjoy and most importantly of course on the type of a traveler you are

Closest office to Bled is ATET Ljubljana Airport. In our Car Fleet you can choose your rental car from different car rental categories, which means that everybody can find their best and right choice for their needs.

  • Various options of rental cars and vans. 
  • Possbile car delivery on location. 
  • No prepayment. 
  • No cancelation/ modification fees. 
  • 24/7 Support Center
  • You can get additional inspirations ideas and informations for your time Exploring Slovenia.

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