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Legal 21/03/2024

Terms and Confitions of car rental use at ATET d.o.o. are described in sections below.
All additional informations are also available in details at our Support Center.

I. Initial Terms

These General Terms and Conditions apply to all relationships made with the company ATET d.o.o., Ljubljana (hereinafter, “Atet” ) and the contracting party (hereinafter, the “Renter”). These terms and conditions are included in every rental contract between Atet and the Renter and come into effect upon each party's signature of the rental contract. By signing the rental contract each party understands the General Terms and Conditions and agrees with them.

Any violation of these terms and conditions may result in cancellation of the rental contract and a claim for damages may result from such cancellation.

The rental contract is restricted to the territory of Europe (some restrictions apply even inside Europe). Any usage of vehicle beyond European territory must be announced beforehand and approved by Atet. If the Renter fails to do so, Atet may cancel the rental contract and make a claim against the Renter for damages and lost profit.

II. Authorized driving

a) The vehicle may be rented to:

  • persons over 21, who have been in possession of a valid driving license
  • in case a person is older than 18 years and younger than 21 years an additional cost for young driver fee will be included
  • persons who are qualified to drive or use a vehicle and possess a rental agreement

 The foregoing restrictions are cumulative.

b) The vehicle may not be rented:

  • for the paid transportation of persons or goods,
  • for the purpose of any competition (road-racing, etc.),
  • to propel or tow any other vehicle or object
  • to any person while under the influence of alcohol, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, drugs, where driving is not recommended, barbiturates and other narcotics
  • when the vehicle is in an unroadworthy condition or is not in good mechanical condition and Atet is aware of this.
  • when the vehicle is overloaded by the number of persons officially permitted or by the weight of additional luggage or cargo permitted under the vehicle’s registration.
  • when driving off highways or on uncategorized roads* (in case of a breakdown renter will cover the costs of rescue as well as administration fee)

* An uncategorized road is every traffic surface, that isn't categorized as a public road and that traffic is being carried out on manner and under conditions on or the manager of this traffic surface authorized since him, as an owner determines them in accordance with regulations on safety of road traffic (forest roads, mountain roads, access roads and approaches to buildings and lands, functional traffic surface against buildings, a bus stop, the road in private property and similar).

* Costs of rescuing: Cost of rescuing is presenting cost, that is created next to rescuing of a vehicle and a driver and co-drivers from individual situation. We can place cost of traction, cost of the activation of other suitable services here.

* Administrative costs: an activation and additional work of an employee, fulfilment of forms, fulfilment of the report on an accident, minutes on a pricing and arranging of remaining administrative matters.

  • when driving against legal and official restrictions in the area where the vehicle is being used
  • for using or driving it in an unsafe manner
  • for further usage or rent to a third party
  • for any reasons other than described in these terms and conditions.

III. Delivery and return of the rented vehicle

Atet shall provide the vehicle after all formalities, conditions and signing of the rental contract have been successfully completed.

The vehicle remains the property of Atet at all times. The vehicle is delivered to the Renter in perfect mechanical condition and roadworthy condition. The vehicle must have all the necessary tools, equipment and officially prescribed tires. If there are more tools and equipment than necessary, this will be mentioned in the rental contract.

Also all documentation of a vehicle is submitted to the renter of vehicle upon the pick up of the vehicle. The insurance policy may be perused at Atet's head office. In the case of damaged or lost documents, the Renter will be charged for the costs of issuing new documents. Cost of making new documents depends upon fact, if it would be necessary to produce new ones because of loss or damages of documents – depends on type of document as well (log book, the handbag for documents, international ticket for insurance of the motor vehicle and all remaining documents).

The minimum rental period is 24 hours. One additional hour ( 1-59 minutes ) is free of charge. If the vehicle is returned with a delay of more than 60 minutes, one additional day will be charged. 

Renter further agrees to return the vehicle at the time and place stated in the rental contract. The Renter must return the vehicle in the same condition as when received, ordinary wear and tear excepted. If it is found that some sealed parts of the vehicle have been removed or changed during the rental period, the Renter will be charged for the damage done and for lost profit.

If the Renter does not inform Atet about any extension of the rental period or disobeys Atet's instructions, then Atet shall have the right to seize that vehicle back. The Renter further agrees not to institute any loss or seize claim after the vehicle has been rightfully taken away from him.

IV. Extras

*all prices of additional products and services already include 22% VAT/Tax

Additional products and services Price of product / service Calculation per max amount
Child seat Infant (0-1,5 year / 0-13 kg) 8,50 € per day max 10 day
Child seat Toddler (1-4 year / 9-18 kg) 8,50 € per day max 10 day
Child seat Booster (3-12 year / 14-36 kg) 8,50 € per day max 10 day
Roofbox  10 € per day max 10 day
Ski Rack  6 € per day max 10 day
Snow Chains  6 € per day max 10 day
Additional driver 5 €  per day max 10 day
Young Driver Fee 8 €  per day max 10 day
GPS Navigation system 8 €  per day max 10 day
Winter package 5 €  per day  max 10 day
Winter package Students (50% discount included) 2,50 €  per day  max 10 day
Out of Hours Fee 30,50 €  per rental  / 
Administration Fee 70 €  per rental  / 
Traffic fine fee 25 €  per rental  / 
Delivery of vehicle within 10 km from office 1 €  per kilometer  / 
Delivery of vehicle further than 10 km from office 0,75 €  per kilometer  / 
Cross Border Card  36,60 € per rental  / 
Ferry Fee 36,60 € per rental  / 
Road Assistance 15 € per rental  / 
Cleaning Fee - S 30 € per rental  / 
Cleaning Fee - L 100 € per rental  / 
Lost documents 50 €  per rental  / 
Lost key 50 € per rental   / 
Delivery of lost key 0,75 € per kilometer  / 
Smoking Fee 180 € per rental  / 
Refilling fuel service 30 € per rental  / 
Damage calculation (EuroTAX) 50 € per request of client
Missing fuel - unleaded 95 € / L calculation by current local fuel prices
Missing fuel - diesel € / L calculated by current local fuel prices

V. Extension of the car rental period

When prolonging the rental period, the Renter must give notice to Atet at least 24 hours before returning the vehicle. Any prolongation of the rental period less than 24 hours before the end of a rental period is possible only with Atet's agreement. 

The Renter is obliged to deposit the value of prolonged rental costs.

VI. Mileage

Rental price includes limited mileage, which cannot exceed 400km/day for rentals up to 30 days. For all rental longer than 30 day, special or individual term would apply and are subject of received individual offer.

Category of vehicles Price for additional kilometer
 Category MDMR /ECMR 0,13 € / km (with VAT)
Category EWMR / ECAR 0,17 € / km (with VAT
Category CDMR / CVMR / CDAR / DDAE 0,20 € / km (with VAT)
Category CFAR / IWMR / IMMR 0,24 € / km (with VAT
Category IFAR / FWMR / FWAR / FMMR 0,26 € / km (with VAT)
Category PLAR / PVAR 0,30 € / km (with VAT)
Category FVMR/ OVMR 0,32 € / km (with VAT)

The number of kilometers driven is determined by checking the factory-installed odometer at the beginning and at the end of rental period. Any manipulation of the factory-installed odometer is strictly forbidden. If Atet discovers that there has been any kind of manipulation of the odometer or dashboard the Renter will be charged for the damage after official service check at official car repair shop.

In case of any damage to/ failure of the odometer, the Renter is obliged to inform Atet immediately and will receive further instructions.

VII. Fuel policy

The cost of fuel is not included in the cost of the rental. The vehicle is provided to the Renter with a full tank. Fuel prices in Slovenia change every two weeks.

The Renter must return the vehicle with the full tank filled with the same type of fuel that was in the vehicle at the beginning of the rental period. If the Renter returns the vehicle without a full tank, then an additional cost of refilling service will be added.

The cost of refilling service is 30,00€ + the cost of missing fuel. In case of refilling the vehicle with wrong type of fuel extra cost will apply.

The cost of incorrect refueling is total of following:

  • Administrative cost (70,00 €)
  • The cost of full tank of fuel
  • The cost of possible repairs due to the resulting damage

Each vehicle is also equipped with a sticker of suitable fuel located on the car dashboard as well as on the door of fuel tank.

VIII. Maintenance

The Renter agrees to take good care of the vehicle. The Renter agrees to check the oil in the engine and brakes, water in the radiator and battery and, finally, to check tire pressures. In the case of a long-term rental, the Renter should take care to change the oil in the engine or inform Atet, which will take care of changing the oil.

In the case of a longer rental period or greater mileage, the Renter agrees to take good care of the vehicle according to Atet's instructions. The Renter also agrees to drive the vehicle to maintenance and technical checking in accordance with the general law. 
When damage to the vehicle is the result of improper care under this article, the Renter must pay all the costs of repairing the damage to the vehicle and for lost profit.

All vehicles are also equipped with a sticker on smoking prohibition sign. In case ATET finds traces, evidence of smoking in the rented vehicle then an additional cost of smoking fee will be included.

The cost of smoking fee is 180,00€.

At the time of pick up the renter receives a vehicle that has previously been checked and cleaned. Every renter has an obligation of returning the vehicle in same *appropriate condition. For each inappropriate condition at the time of vehicle return, an additional cost for cleaning fee will be included.

*appropriate condition: without personal items of the renter, without any used products, empty bottles or cartons (food and beverage), human fluids etc.

The cost of extra cleaning is:

  • Cleaning fee S = 30,00 € (with VAT)
  • Cleaning fee L = 100,00 € (with VAT)

The cleaning fee which applies for particular case is subject of conditions of the returned vehicle.

IX. Breakdown

If any vehicle breaks down, the Renter must immediately inform Atet and act according to Atet's instructions.

  • Emergency contact number: +386 30 313 313
  • Reservation Centre and Customer service Department: +386 1 320 82 30 / sales@atet.si

Any breakdowns that are not repaired by Atet may only be repaired at the official dealer of the type of the vehicle that needs to be repaired with the prior approval of Atet. The Renter must show Atet the repaired parts and the bills for the repairs so that the costs of the repair may be reimbursed.

If the Renter does not inform Atet about a breakdown or the breakdown results from improper driving or any fault of the Renter, Atet will not reimburse the Renter for the costs of repairs.

Each renter has the option of purchasing the "Road Assistance" service, which includes the following services:

  • Free organization of assistance/help on the road in case of breakdown, accident and key loss.
  • Free delivery of a replacement vehicle in case of breakdown, accident and key loss.
  • Includes the cost of towing the vehicle by the assistance service

In case of negligent handling of the vehicle, the purchase of the Roadside Assistance service is irrelevant and is more subject to covering the incurred costs. In such a case, the incurred costs are subject to the calculation of the actual damages incurred and administrative costs. 

X. Insurance and Liability

Every rented vehicle is insured according to the Slovenian regulations and the General Terms and Conditions of the insurance company. The original insurance policy is kept at Atet's head office and may be perused thereat.

The insurance does not cover damage to the vehicle in the following cases (if rental agreement does not specify other):

  • damage inside the vehicle and engine sump.
  • tires, windscreen wipers, decorative covers, undercarriage and aerial damage
  • when driving under the influence of alcohol, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, drugs, where driving is not recommended, barbiturates and other narcotics
  • while not taking good care of the vehicle or while damaging it on purpose
  • if the Renter appears without a valid driving license at the time of damage being done
  • if the damage results from ignorance of the terms set forth in Article II of these Terms and Conditions
  • if the damage to the vehicle occurs in the areas not covered by the vehicle's insurance policy, and which are listed therein
  • in other cases as mentioned in the insurance policy.

In all the situations listed above, the Renter shall be held fully responsible for the costs of the damage done to the vehicle.

Atet reserves the right to look for, investigate any damage to the vehicle to during a period of three working days after the end of the rental, and charge the Renter therefore. 

In the event of damage to the vehicle that is subsequently discovered, Atet d.o.o. reserves the right to notify the renter of the damage caused within 3 (three) working days after the end of the rental period. The renter is responsible for any damage caused, if it is acknowledged by the renter or established on the basis of a report/inspection at an authorized service center.

The Renter must cover any difference between the expenses for the damage to the vehicle and the maximum policy insurance amount for that damage to the vehicle.

Renter has an option of including one of additional protection/ insurance packages:

  • RCDW = Reduced Protection 
  • SCDW =  Super Protection 
  • ALL INC. = All Inclusive Protection

The renter also has the option to include the Interior Protection service, which covers additional necessary cleaning or damage to the vehicle interior. If the additional cleaning of soiled state of the vehicle or damage to the vehicle interior is the result of negligence or vandalism, the coverage does not apply

XI. Accidents

In the case of any accident or damage the Renter must :

  • write down all the names and addresses of the parties in an accident and all the witnesses
  • protect the vehicle or take it to a safe place before he leaves the damaged vehicle
  • immediately inform Atet or its nearest branch office call the nearest police station, wait for the police and get a copy of the official accident report submit a written statement about how the accident happened and fill in the European Accident Report which is supplied together with vehicle documents. When returning the vehicle or until the end of the rent renter will provide Atet with filled out internal document Accident report form which will be provided at the return and will also provide the copy of driving license or permit for in case of possible claiming the damage with insurance company.

In the event that the lessee fails to comply with the provisions of this point in the event of an accident, he/she is solely responsible for any damage that may arise as a result thereof to Atet d.o.o.

XII. Fire and Theft

The Renter is not responsible for loss and damage to the rented vehicle arising from fire or theft unless the fire or theft are due to the Renter's guilt or carelessness.

In the case of fire or theft the Renter must report the accident to the police or any other local authority. If he does not report the accident he is financially responsible for any damage that results from fire or theft.

XIII. Geographic Restrictions

Driving outside of Slovenia is possible with added Cross Border card which is additionally charged per rental.

Atet holds the right to declare some countries or some areas as risky or unsafe. Driving in those countries with the rented vehicle is forbidden. The Renter agrees that he will not drive in those countries and areas.

Atet has the right to declare any country as unsafe before signing every rental contract and to list those countries or areas in the special section on the first page of the rental contract. If this section remains blank there are no geographical restrictions.

Currently driving with rented vehicle is forbidden in:

  • Albania (AL)
  • Kosovo (XK)
  • Romania (RO)
  • Bulgaria (BG)
  • Turkey (TR)
  • Greece (GR)
  • Azerbaijan (AZ)
  • Armenia (ARM)
  • Belarus (BY)
  • Estonia (EST)
  • Georgia (GE)
  • Kazakhstan (KZ)
  • Kyrgyzstan (KS)
  • Latvia (LV)
  • Lithuania (LT)
  • Moldova (MD)
  • Russia (RUS)
  • Tajikistan (TJ)
  • Turkmenistan (TM)
  • Ukraine (UA)
  • Uzbekistan (UZ)

Atet may also declare as risky or unsafe any country or area during the rental period. Atet must inform the Renter immediately thereof. After being informed, the Renter must act in accordance with the first paragraph of Article XII.

If geographic restrictions have not been followed and obeyed by the Renter, Atet has the right to cancel the rental agreement and charge for any loss or damage that may result from not obeying the geographic restrictions, and for lost profit.

XIV. Property loss

Atet shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the Renter's property stored in or upon the rented vehicle, service vehicle or in Atet's office. 

The Renter and any additional driver is also primarily responsible for all third party property damage arising from the use and operation of the vehicle during the rental period. Third party property loss or damage is not insured in the vehicle liability policy. 
The Renter waives any coverage claims against Atet which may result from any third party loss or damage.

XV. Payment

The Renter shall pay the rental charge at the end of the rental period. The rental price is determined according to the rental period, type of vehicle and other circumstances which are described in the General Terms and Conditions.

Upon car pick up, ATET reserves the right to secure payment and other car rental related costs on clients credit card. Credit card is mandatory.

If the rental period is extended, the rental price is based logically on the assumptions from Articles XIV and IV of the General Terms and Conditions.

  • All costs arising from any fines, penalties, parking fees or other sanctions due to non-compliance with traffic or similar, public or private, domestic or foreign rules, which Atet d.o.o. has paid in connection with the leased vehicle
  • Administrative costs up to 25.00 EUR in each case when Atet d.o.o. has to provide information to anyone (e.g. police, parking garages, etc.) for the previous rental period
  • Administrative costs up to 70.00 EUR in each case of new vehicle damage during the rental period (regardless of the purchase of responsibility waiver)
  • The cost of damage calculation (EuroTAX) of 50.00 EUR upon user's request, if the renter wishes to receive documentation for possible reimbursement of costs, proof, and similar.
  • Other additional payments that the renter is obliged to pay Atet d.o.o. according to these general terms and conditions of business

XV.I. Prepaid online - Pay now:

When booking at a prepaid rate, the payment will be processed and charged at time of booking, in amount of total car rental price (incl. booked additional services and products) prior to the rental.

  • The renter must be the owner of the indicated payment card.
  • The named driver and the method of payment shall be finalized at the time of reservation and cannot be changed afterwards.
  • The confirmed card should be valid and available for presentation at time of collection of the vehicle.
  • All extra costs that occur during the car rental will be charged to presented credit card.
  • The maximum rental period for a booking at prepaid rate is 29 days.
  • A prepaid booking can be changed up to four (4) hours before the start of the rental (depending on actual availability).
  • A refund shall not be issued for non-collection of reserved vehicle, vehicle being collected late or returned early.
  • Any changes made to a prepaid reservation may impact the rental rate.
  • Any payment already made towards the rental will not be refunded; nor shall any differential amount be refunded if this alteration leads to a lesser rental cost.
  • A change from a prepaid rate to a non-prepaid rate is not possible.

Cancellation policy for prepaid reservations

  • A booking can be cancelled before the start of the rental. If a reservation is canceled, a fee will be deducted from the initial rental payment, with the amount based on time of cancellation. The fee can not surpass the total prepaid car rental costs.
  • For cancellations made more than 48 hours before the rental period begins, a cancellation fee of 40.00 EUR will apply, and any additional prepaid funds beyond this fee will be returned.
  • However, if the cancellation occurs 48 hours or less before the rental period, the entire prepaid rental fee will be retained.

Cancellations of prepaid reservation must be addressed to following e-mail addresses: sales@atet.si or info@atet.si

Cancellation of pre-paid online reservation by ATET:

Cancellation of a reservation with online prepayment by ATET is possible at any time based on the following reasons, and with this, the pre-paid amount can also be refunded, in whole or in part:

Suspicion of theft of the vehicle

  • Suspicion of theft or embezzlement of the renter’s identity
  • The renter is not the owner of the card with which the pre-paid online reservation was made.
  • Any deviation from the general Terms and Conditions of ATET
  • Other objective reasons

XVI. Final Terms

During the rental period the rental contract may be changed only if both parties agree about the change or in the case of the last paragraph of Article XII.

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