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One of the most beautiful glacial valleys in Europe is growing exuberantly on the north of our state, in the upper Savinjska valley in an embrace of Kamniško-Savinjske Alps. Majority of nature lovers would most probably know immediately after this short description, that we are talking about Logar Valley in Slovenia.

Thanks to glacier in last ice age, approximately 2 million years back, we can admire picturesque natural heritage, that is result of tectonic cracks. Logar valley, which spreads out on something more than 24 square kilometres, we divide in three parts.

Characteristic for Log (lower part) and to Plest (central part) are beautiful grassy carpets, with multi-colored flowers (Alpsko cvetje) on top. While Kot (upper part) is more or less filled with woods. Rich fauna and flora, magnificent rustling of waterfalls, numerous activities, culinary art and rich cultural heritage are very good reasons for a visit. For additional information Logarska dolina was declared a landscape park in 1987 because of its natural and cultural sights and as part of destination Logarska dolina– Solčava also received a gold sign of Green Scheme of Slovene tourism.

Entry fee

Before you enter Logar Valley there is a parking lot where you can leave your vehicle and continue the road by foot, with bikes or with your roller blades. In case you own or rent an electric vehicle then the entry is free of charge. You will otherwise pay a few euros. You can also send your inquiry to rent an electric car at ATET on the following email address  

Contribution for a motorcycle is 5,00 euro, for personal cars is 7,00 euros. We think payment in this case is not a big thing to get a bit frustrated about. Paid admissions help park to keep an enviroment friendly development of park and its landscape as well as it means that a high standard in preservation of nature can be kept. With this payment all visitor have a parking space reserved for whole time they are staying in Logar Valley and includes use of recreational surfaces and sightseeing of natural and cultural heritage.

Natural sights

Here the nature is absolutely breathtaking. Whole area is rich in water sources. Solčavsko part serves more than hundred waterfalls and a lot of them provide an access to visitors as well or at least are visible to see from path. The most famous waterfall here is definitely Rinka waterfall. But some extra ones are not to be missed as well: waterfall Palenk, Brložniški waterfalls, Rastovški waterfall, if we list only few of them. Rinka waterfall is actually falling river Savinja, that springs up a bit more highly, in cirque Okrešelj. Spring is permanent, water at spring is perfect and safe for drinking. A little bit under the waterfall we can see that river dissappears and it wells again on surface at spring Črna spring in lower part of the valley.

Logar's linden tree, that grows next to the road near farm Logar, certainly became a symbol of the look on a valley.

We should not forget to mention a variety of animals living here as well as multi-colored Alpine flowers, that are quite rare with some of them being endangered species.


Cultural heritage

Logar Valley can be praised also with rich cultural heritage beside picturesque nature. In 19th century they were known after coaling and charcoal burning changed the image of Logar Valley. In memory of past times there is a coaling house built a bit above mountain hut »Dom planincev«, where every year a charcoal burning pile is made by a charcoal burner who lights a fire inside and burns charcoal carefully. One can also visit wooden storage cribs, whose purpose was storage of all field crops and forestry house, where forest lodgers lived.

Of course well know archaeological site Potočka zijalka (Potok Cave) is on the cultural sightseeing list also. The carstic cave can be found on southern slope Olševa and has a special significance concerning the lands of current Slovenia – circa 30.000 years ago the cave was inhabited by ice age humans. A permanent exhibition Potok Cave can be one of your activities. It is located in Firšt lodging house since 1996. Museum exhibition offers a good overviews of evolution, what was found in the cave (bone points, stone tools, skull of cave bear etc.), information on ice age flor and fauna and much more.

Variety of activities all year round

Logar Valley and its surroundings are offering selection of different activity. The grounds and beautiful nature promise a whole lot of pleasant moments to travelers who like long easy walks and will offer great pleasure to all adrenaline lovers, since there is a lot of things that will keep the heart rate high.

In central part of a valley, close to Hotel Plesnik you can find a TIC of the landscape park (Tourist Information Centre) (, where they will be happy to give all information, that you might need during your time in Logar Valley. The Valley is one of the most popular and picturesque destinations in Slovenia and that is why it attracts tourists and also proffessional photographers, with common purpose, which is to make permanent photo memories of this amazing location.

Trekking and mountaineering / Alpinism

The Trail of Logar Valley

The Logar Valley trail is thematic, natural history-ethnographic, pleasant for the eye and very much good for the body. For a 7 kilometers long walk you should reserve yourself approximately 2- 3 hours. The path starts in lower part of the valley, next to Logar farm and end at Rinka waterfall, and is surprising with natural and cultural legacy on every step between. You can start research alone or decide for guided version of the path. We are sure that a tourist guide would even enrich your trip with their knowledge and intersting facts or anecdotes.

You can take a look at map of a way here (

Above mentioned trail is of course not your only possibility of excursion trekking in these places. Very visited for example are also mountain hut on Okrešelj and a mountain hut on Klemenči cave. Beautiful views are absoultely ensured.

For all those who are eager to hike a bit more difficult trails or are experienced alpinists/ climbers, then the Logar Valley is a wonderful starting point for winning some 2000m Slovenian peaks. Some of them: Ojstrica, Planjava and Turska gora.


You can experience the beauty of the Logar Valley by bike. For all lovers of cycling there are different options for cycling in the Logar Valley – suitable for both gentle or more demanding bike tours.

Do not worry at all if you do not own or did not bring your bicycle, since you can rent one (even electric bikes) on more than one location.

Cycle Tour 1: The easiest and quickest way is the one that starts on parking space at entry of the Valley and it leads us to Rinka waterfall. You will actually stop at parking space a little bit before Rinka waterfall where you will be able to sit and eat something. In about 10 minutes you will then see the mighty waterfall, which luckily will not be the only one on the trail. This bike route is around 15 km long and approximate time required is 30minutes.

Cycle Tour 2: The second option is slightly harder or a medium one. This tour is a bit more demanding because of the ascent (10-12%). The trail will lead your through Logar Valley – Matk – Perk – Majerhold – Logar Valley. The ones that decide to take this tour will enjoy most fascinating views and along the road drive by Potočka zijalka (Potok cave) exhibition af Firšt lodging house, valley and canyon of Jezere and others. This bike route is around 15 km long and approximate time required is 60 minutes.

Cycle Tour 3: Our next proposal is the circular cycling way round the undulated panoramic road, that won't leave you without expression on your face. This route is the most demanding one out of three and it will lead you from Solčava to Podolševa and Logar Valley back to Solčava. Along the road your will be able to get a look of other interesting sights and monuments such as: Church of Marija Snežna at Solčava, Potočka zijalka (Potok Cave), spring of mineral water, Klemenšek's Hell, Matek+s corner (Matkov kot) and others. This bike route is around 25 km long and approximate time required is 120 minutes.

More details descriptions and options available here also  


The right hunting adventure is waiting for you on a tourist farm Gradišnik in Matek's corner, that is only 2km from the entry to Logar Valley. There is approximately 3 km long three-dimensional route, that is introducing simulation of the hunt of wild animals with a bow. Animal targets are made from artificial mass and on mainly forest path you can come across around 28 of them. A guide trainer will hand over some directives for shooting to you with a bow first and when you wil cover all the bases of shooting it will be time for practical shooting.

Contact and prices (

Winter Activities

Snowy Logar Valley is basically a winter fairytale location and offers a lot of activity recreational options in winter time as well.

Cross-country skiing

A circular path, that leads through the Logar Valley, is approximately 15 km long and is suitable for classic or skate cross country skiing styles. It will be satisfying for both beginners and more demanding runners.

A good news is that all equipment is available to rent also at Farmhouse Ojstrica ( ) or Eco House Na Razpotju (

Ski Touring (skiing in the backcoutrny)

You can ski your way through virgin snow plains from Ojstrica to Logar Valley or from the Savinjski saddle. For all those of more daring nature you can find some demanding descents in Turska gora, Rinka and Mrzla gora. The best time for you to experience ski touring in Logar Valley is in the spring, when snow is hard enough but the risk of avalanches is not high. You can rent all gear and eqipment on Tourist farm Lenar in na Turistični kmetiji Lenar ( 

Ice climbing

You can test your abilities on more than twelve frozen waterfalls. Most interesting and most visited is waterfall Palenk beside hotel Plesnik. Those with no experiences or knowledge in ice climbing have option of beginners course ( )

We could write about Logar Valley and its surroundings a lot more with no trouble but all picturesque descriptions can not bring all the feelings of an actual experience of a visitor. Get in your car and make sure to explore Logar Valley by yourself.

You can completely modify your type of travel based on your wishes, desires, your current mood, sort of activities you would like to enjoy and most importantly of course on the type of a traveler you are. 

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