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If there is anything you like about nature, spectacular views of mountains while enjoying time by the water below, then we are sure you have to drive to Kranjska Gora during your time in Slovenia. This Slovenia's natural beauty that has captured hearts all over the world.

Explore Kranjska Gora with ATET Car Rental

The most beautiful spot in Europe

Kranjska Gora is the center of the Upper Sava Valley, a beautiful Alpine valley. It is a famous, internationally known ski resort, also voted among top 50 ski destinations, and even when it's packed with visitors there are so many things to do, trails, back paths, hikes, sledding, snowshoeing, bike routes and much more. Anyone can find peace and quiet and enjoy a multitude of breathtaking views.

You can enjoy most scenic views in summer and winter time, so we would say it is a perfect destination for you to visit.
Much of what Kranjska Gora has to offer revolves around hills and mountains. Podkoren, for example, hosts Alpine Skiing World Cups and nearby Planica is known for world cup ski jumps.

Things to do in Kranjska Gora 

Skiing For skiing look no further than Intersport Bernik and ask for Sašo for all information, You can rent first class equipment, apply for ski lessons and join many organized winter or summer activities.

Sledding We all have a child inside, which needs to be woken up from time to time. A perfect way to that is to drive to the top with a 4x4 vehicle and in a minute you will sledding down the hill on well-maintained and floodlit sledding slopes. You can choose between daytime or night-time adventure and enjoy this view of a beautiful force of nature.

Biking If you like cycling, mountain pass Vrsic is definitely the one to conquer. By the way, you pass the Russian chapel and if you look closely and with an open heart, a rock carved face of Ajdovska deklica (Ajda Girl) will present itself in the rocks.  Another top that separates boys from men is Mangart and if you think you are strong enough you can include both in the challenge and make a perfect loop that will take you through some of best-looking nature in this part of Europe.There are many other excellent road or backcountry trails as well as a downhill track that operates in the summer. 

Hiking Kranjska Gora is a good starting point for many interesting hikes and climbs. It is not just the land of mountain peaks, like Triglav, Spik, Prisank but it is also a land of valleys and waterfalls with Pericnik and Gozd Martuljek waterfall two of the most well known in Slovenia.

Where to eat and drink? Well with an empty stomach one can simply not function right? A place where your appetite will absolutely be satissfied is a place in Kranjska Gora named by a famous Slovenian caracter Kekec - Okrepčevalnica Lačni Kekec ( "Snack bar Hungy Kekec"). Enjoy their delicious food, more than friendly staff and exceptional view.

Where to park your car? In the summer time you will have no trouble with finding a parking spot for your car rental, since they offer free parking in the summer season. Parking in winter season is additionally charged in the amount of 7,00€ for the whole day - and in that price they also include a voucher for 2 cups of hot tea to keep you warm, great right?

What Sir Humphrey Davy had to say
The famous naturalist Sir Humphry Davy once called Savska valley "The most beautiful spot in Europe" with all the mountains, waterfalls and lakes like Zelenci nature reserve, which is located at the three-country border, between Slovenia, Italy, and Austria. Many rare animal species and endangered plants have found their haven at Zelenci. 

How to get to Kranjska Gora with car?

From Slovenia you get to Kranjska Gora by the road Ljubljana-Kranj-Jesenice-Kranjska Gora, from Austria from Villach through the Korensko sedlo border crossing or through the Karavanke tunnel, and from Italy through the Rateče border crossing. When you rent a car with us, we will be glad to mark everything on a map for you as well.

Distances of Kranjska Gora from ATET Offices:

  • ATET Ljubljana 86 km 65 min
  • ATET Koper 184 km 108 min
  • ATET Ljubljana Airport 65 km 49 min
  • ATET Maribor 212 km 131 min

Closest office to Kranjska Gora is ATET Ljubljana Airport or ATET Ljubljana You can also check all our offices to pick your nearest one. In our Car Fleet you can choose your rental car from different car rental categories, which means that everybody can find their best and right choice for their needs.

  • Various options of rental cars and vans. 
  • Possbile car delivery on location. 
  • No prepayment. 
  • No cancelation/ modification fees. 
  • 24/7 Support Center
  • You can get additional inspirations ideas and informations for your time Exploring Slovenia.

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