Top 10 Slovenia Autumn roadtrips

Roadtrip Bucketlist

Slovenia Bucketlist roadtrips with car

Ready for autumn adventures in Slovenia? The best way to enjoy and explore Slovenia is with car, since everything is in a driving distance. Well we have prepared some great ideas for your next few roadtrips if you are visiting Slovenia in autumn, read more about them below.

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1. Jelenov Greben / Deer Ridge

Have you ever, anywhere fed the deers? Well this most unforgettable experience is possible right here in Slovenia. More exactly it is possible to do just that at one of most unique and popular locations at foothill of Olimska Gora, the Deer Ridge (originally Jelenov Greben).

At this homeastead you can find a big heard of deer and moufflons, who are able to run free and greet all the visitors. There is approximately 100 of animals, which you can also pet or feed with corn (food sold there). One of experiences that make for perfect memory forever. Few meters away you will be able to find a restaurant with amazing local food as well as beautiful Olimje monastery.


Gostišče Jelenov Greben

Olimje 90, 3254 Podčetrtek

Distance from ATET offices:

  • ATET Ljubljana  1h 30min / 120km
  • ATET Koper 2h 30min / 226km
  • ATET Ljubljana Airport 123km 1h 50min
  • ATET Maribor 57km / 1h

2. Explore Vintgar Gorge

If you are looking for a great picturesque roadtrip and an awesome experience to add on your Slovenia Bucket list then you should not leave Vintgar Gorge out. Located 10 minutes from Bled with car or 45 minutes from Bled Lake.

It is actually a gorge in Triglav National Park, which has been carved out by river Radovna – beautiful, clear, emerald coloured river and above it there are wooden boardwalks from which you can enjoy a thrilling walk. The distance you will walk is 1.6 km or 3.2 km for a whole round trip. It really is a perfect location for getting some great pictures also. It is most crowded in July and August, so a walk in autumn or spring is the best time to visit and will be perfect if you do not enjoy too many people at one place.


Soteska Vintgar

Podhom 80

4247 Zgornje Gorje


Ticket prices:

  • Adults: 10 €
  • Students, Senior: 7 €
  • Kids 6-15 years: 3 €
  • Kids under 6 years: 1 €

Buy tickets:

Distance from ATET offices:

  • ATET Ljubljana 55km / 40min
  • ATET Koper 158km / 1h 40min
  • ATET Ljubljana Airport 42km / 35min
  • ATET Maribor 180km / 2h

3. and 4. Visit Predjama Castle and Postojna Cave

Located in inner Carniola region, high up in a vertical cliff you can spot a magnificent Predjama Castle, where you will be able to explore some hidden chambers or climb these old stairwells. Really getting some medieaval / Game of Thrones / King Arthur mixed feelings some might say. This 800 years old castle is perfect in every season of the year and very popular place for amazing photoshoots or engagement location. You can also learn some interesting fact about famous »robber baron« Erazem of Predjama.

Distance to Predjama from ATET offices:

  • ATET Ljubljana 64km / 50min
  • ATET Koper 59km / 40min
  • ATET Ljubljana Airport 85km / 1h
  • ATET Maribor 190km / 2h

Located in inner Carniola region, high up in a vertical cliff you can spot a magnificent Predjama Castle, where you will be able to explore some hidden chambers or climb these old stairwells. Really getting some medieaval / Game of Thrones / King Arthur mixed feelings some might say. This 800 years old castle is perfect in every season of the year and very popular place for amazing photoshoots or engagement location. You can also learn some interesting fact about famous »robber baron« Erazem of Predjama.

When you will fill up on facts about this incredible medieval castle you can then continue for additional 15minutes with car and then take a train ride (1,5 hour tour) through one of most famous caves in the world – Postojna Cave. Take a look into a labyrinth underworld full of passages (24 kilometers), tunnels and nature's wonderful stalagmites/ stalacites of all shapes and sizes. You will also have an opportunity to spot an extraordinary animal »baby dragon or human fish«.


Predjama Castle / Predjama 1, 6230 Predjama

Postojna cave / Jamska cesta 30, 6230 Postojna

Buy tickets Predjama Castle:

Buy tickets Postojna Cave:

Distance to Predjama and Postojna from ATET offices:

  • ATET Ljubljana 64km / 50min
  • ATET Koper 59km / 40min
  • ATET Ljubljana Airport 85km / 1h
  • ATET Maribor 190km / 2h

5. Peričnik waterfall

If we are ranking all waterfall in Slovenia, most people would rank Peričnik Waterfall as the most beautiful waterfall in Slovenia and it definitely is one of destinations you should have on your autumn Slovenia list for a car roadtrip, but it is possible to visit at any time of the year.

After parking at mountain lodge you will hike for about 15 minutes until spotting the waterfall. Since it is located in the forest  good hiking shoes are a must and a warmer piece of clothing is good to have with you or maybe even a lighter rain coat if you would mind getting a bit wet.

The most iconic fact about this waterfall is that it is actually made of two waterfalls (Upper Peričnik and Lower Peričnik) and the other one is that there is a secret passage which means you can walk behind this waterfall. This of course makes this a very uniqe and magical experience. Perfect for making amazing memories while exploring Slovenia.

  • Lower waterfall (Spodnji Peričnik): 52 m
  • Upper waterfall (Zgornji Peričnik): 16 m


  • Peričnik waterfall
  • Car parking: Koča pri Peričniku (mountain lodge)
  • 4281 Mojstrana


Distance from ATET offices:

  • ATET Ljubljana 70km / 50min
  • ATET Koper 176km / 1h 50min
  • ATET Ljubljana Airport 60km / 45min
  • ATET Maribor 200km / 2h 10min

6. Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is the center of the Upper Sava Valley, a beautiful Alpine valley. There are countless adventures for you to try here and is perfect for any type of traveller, you will never get bored here.

It is also a famous, internationally known ski resort, also voted among top 50 ski destinations, and even when it's packed with visitors there are so many things to do, trails, back paths, hikes, sledding, snowshoeing, bike routes and much more. Anyone can find multiple fun activities, also peace and quiet and enjoy a multitude of breathtaking views.

You must take a picture with famours Capricorn that is guarding the beautiful Jasna lake. can enjoy most scenic views in autumn/winter as well as summer time, so we would say it is a perfect destination for you to visit.

Distance from ATET offices:

  • ATET Ljubljana    86 km 65 min
  • ATET Koper        184 km108 min
  • ATET Ljubljana Airport     65 km 49 min
  • ATET Maribor    212 km 131 min

7. Logar Valley

Thanks to glacier in last ice age, approximately 2 million years back, we can admire picturesque natural heritage, that is result of tectonic cracks. Logar valley, which spreads out on something more than 24 square kilometres, we divide in three parts.

One of the most beautiful glacial valleys in Europe is growing exuberantly on the north of our state, in the upper Savinjska valley in an embrace of Kamniško-Savinjske Alps.

Logar Valley and its surroundings are offering selection of different activity. The grounds and beautiful nature promise a whole lot of pleasant moments to travelers who like long easy walks and will offer great pleasure to all adrenaline lovers, since there is a lot of things that will keep the heart rate high.

Distance from ATET offices:

  • ATET Ljubljana 73km / 1h 30min
  • ATET Koper 176km 2h 30min
  • ATET Ljubljana Airport 61km / 1h 20min
  • ATET Maribor 120km / 1h 40min

Read more about Logar Valley here:

8. Bled

One of the most gorgeous, popular destinations and we can almost say world wonders, in Slovenia and around the world, is certainly our beautiful, breathtaking Bled and its lake. Another perfect drive with your car in autumn, where you will be able to walk around the lake in all seasonal colours.

In the middle of the lake we can find a wonderful Bled Island, on which also stands a church with an interesting history and a carrier of several secrets. One of those must be a wishing bell, which for years and years is believed to fulfill visitors secret desires and requests. You shold certainly try your luck!

Distance from ATET offices:

  • ATET Ljubljana 50km / 35min
  • ATET Koper 153km / 1h 25min
  • ATET Ljubljana Airport 38km / 28min
  • ATET Maribor 178km / 1h 50min

Read more about Bled here.

9. Goriška Brda

There is no autumn in Slovenia without a short trip to Brda region. It resembles to Tuscany in some way but the smaller region allowes more intimate experience.

We can not describe enough the smell of freshly roasted chestnuts, the smoky flavour of Slovenian prosciutto or a warm bread with drizzled olive oil and a glass of delicious wine. Well you have guessed it, it is a perfect autumnal roadtrip destination for all lovers of good food. The experience is even better since people there are known for great hosipitalty and you will enjoy a 2 day trip if you plan to stay the night at one of homesteads or family winery.

You can start your experience in any of Brda points and you will not fail. Roadtrips are meant for some wandering afterwall don't you agree? If you plan to visit some wine cellars we suggest that you book a night in some of family owned B&B to have the best experience or one of you is a desginated driver, either way you will enjoy.

We also recommend Soča Fun Park for all those who love some adrenalin.

Beside fantastic culinary experience visitors also enjoy creative workshops, thematic trails, hiking trips, cycling venture en deco mobility. All types of travellers will enjoy Brda region.

Additional information on Goriška Brda: 

Distance from ATET offices:

  • ATET Ljubljana 120km / 1h 25min
  • ATET Koper 83km / 1h 10min
  • ATET Ljubljana Airport 142km / 1h 35min
  • ATET Maribor 245km / 2h 40min

10. Beer Fountain

Have you ever in your life heard of beer fountain? Well here all the beer lovers come to enjoy the first Beer Fountain-Green Gold in the world. Right here in our small Slovenia in a city of Žalec.

The fountain of beer represents a big tribute to the hop heritage in Žalec and lower Savinja Valley, which is the centre of hop growing industry in Slovenia. A fun fact: in Slovenia you can find a lot of breweries. In 2020 Slovenia had 68 active brewers, in 2008 there wer only 15. We are waiting fort he latest information but for sure there is a variety of beers to try if you are a fan.

The beer fountain is positioned in the town park, in the town centre, next to the marketplace. The architectural design is a symbolic hop flower, which is expressed as two semi-circles; one a beer fountain and the other a water fountain. The semi-circles are clad in copper lace, symbolizing beer foam.


  • Savinjska cesta 11
  • 3310 Žalec

Distance from ATET offices:

  • ATET Ljubljana 67km / 45min
  • ATET Koper 170km / 1h 45min
  • ATET Ljubljana Airport 69km / 59min
  • ATET Maribor 60km / 40min

You can completely modify your type of travel based on your wishes, desires, your current mood, sort of activities you would like to enjoy and most importantly of course on the type of a traveler you are. 

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