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Planica or the valley under Ponca is a glacial valley in Julian Alps and is most popular in the beginning of spring.

Planica is known also as "The Cradle of Ski Flying". The annual Planica ski-flying event is a tradition with a special place in people's minds and hearts by now. FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Finale is now traditionally held at the end of March,  as the last event of the season. That is the time when we can boast a little with the largest jumping hill.

Planica is now an eye-catching destination for both tourists and lovers of nature and mountains. It is perfect for a roadtrip location in all seasons!

Jumping Hills

  • Junior ski jumping hill (HS 15, 30 and 45 metres)
  • Youth ski jumping hill (HS 61 and 80 metres)
  • Bloudek Giant (HS 104 and 139 metres)
  • Flying hill of Gorišek brothers (HS 225 metres)

In 1961, on February 24th, Jože Šilbar set a world record, at a distance of 141 metres on a German jumping hill in Oberstdorf.
More about history of Planica: 

Programme 2022:

  • Thursday, 24.03.2022
  • Friday, 25.03.2022
         Individual competition
  • Saturday, 26.03.2022
         Team competition
  • Sunday, 27.03.2022
         Individual competition 

It is advised to drive to Planica together in one car or a van, which can also be more affordable for you.  

Distances from ATET offices to Planica:

  • ATET Ljubljana - Planica: 87 km; approximately 1 hour drive
  • ATET Airport Ljubljana - Planica: 71 km; approximately 1hour drive
  • ATET Maribor - Planica: 215 km; approximately 2 ,5 hour drive
  • ATET Koper - Planica: 191 km; approximately 2 hour drive

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Nordic Centre

Beautiful nature and ideal conditions for winter sports activities were favourable elements to contribute to the idea of building a ski centre. In parallel with the development of sport.

The Nordic center Planica is really an exceptional and modern center, where tradition of ski jumps and flights can really live on and continue. Official opening ceremony of the Nordic center happened in December of 2015.

Seven new ski jumps were built with accompanying buildings and Ski-flying hill that was bulit by Gorišek brothers was also renovated in the meantime.

Visitors can enjoy winter as well as in summertime activities, such as cross-country skiing, guided tour of the center, a wind tunnel, the snowy tunnel for cross-country skiing are corner namely in activities, zipline, a two floor Planica museum …

We are sure that it is worth adding viewing of Planica and the Nordic center on the list of your upcoming trips. You can enjoy it in every season as well! Since Slovenia is a small country you can really drive from any part of the country and it will take you approximately 1 hour or 2.

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