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Car Camping Vacation




Are you ready for new summer adventures?


Is there anything better and sweeter than complete freedom on our vacation or a trip? When traveling with car you can creat your own way right along the way and really feel and enjoy the the spontaneity! And of course at the same time you can a choice of stoping anywher at anytime for as many times as you would like!


For this kind of travel you can really decide over night!



All you need is a decision on where to go: left, right, going south or east and of course a car spacious and comfortable enough, which is a thing we can take care of! 


In our Car Fleet you can choose your rental car from 14 different car rental categories, which means that everybody can find their best and right choice for their needs.


Which means that you do not have to be an owner of a Camper/ Camping van and you can still enjoy all the same benefits of this kind of traveling.


Online offer



Various options of rental cars and vans.

Possbile car delivery on location.

No prepayment.

No cancelation/ modification fees.

24/7 Help Center.



You can completely modify your type of travel based on your wishes, desires, your current mood, sort of activities you would like to enjoy and most importantly of course on the type of a traveler you are. 



Are you longing for an unplanned exploring and camping with friends by the fire? You can sleep in the rental car which in that time makes your mobile home at the same time and in that way join all the wandering souls and adventure seekers. 



You can use all the benefits of traveling with car and pack all neccessary equipment and luggage for exciting car camping moments and memories, where you tent or a sleeping bag is only one car seat away.Take adventage of all the beautiful and breathtaking locations and areas of Slovenia you have on your bucketlist or would like to visit and fall asleep under the starry night sky. 



Below you can also find some portals, forums where you can check all your options and get some more informations about possibilites for stops along the way, spending the night and other useful information you might need.




Some extra travel inspiration for roadtrips and traveling with a rental car as well as discovering and exploring our beautful lovenia you can get HERE.






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In case you would need any additional information, if you have any kind of worries and would like to receive our answer, we are of course here to help you. We will be glad to calm your mind any answer any question you might have.


In case you would need us, we are here for you.


You can send you online inquiry with included online discount HERE.


  • There is no prepayment.
  • There is no cancellation or modifications fees.




Please do not hesitate to contact our Reservation's Centre on ... or call on +386 1 320 82 30.