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Winter driving season in Slovenia
Winter season on Slovenian roads starts with November 15th. It will last till March 15th.


Winter driving equipment
Until March 15th winter equipment is mandatory for all vehicles.

snow tires, with at least 3 mm deep grooves on the whole surface
all season tyres are allowed but with snowchains in the trunk; chains are necessary when the roadway is snowy or icy
Trucks and buses are additionally required to carry a shovel.




Snow and ice can dramatically affect your safety on the road. Steering, acceleration and braking are more difficult, since normal tyres have much less grip under these conditions. However, it is not just these extreme conditions which can reduce your safety on the road. Even cold or damp roads can have a dramatic effect on the performance of tyres and can lead to an increased accident risk.


Thankfully though, tyre manufacturers have developed a range of winter weather tyres which are specifically designed to operate in these conditions and they deliver safety throughout the entire winter period.

No winter tyres?


In case you drive without appropriate winter equipment in the period mentioned above, police can set a fine to you in the amount of 40,00 eur. If traffic is obstructed because of unappropriate winter equipment, fine can be set up to the amount of 500,00 eur + 5 demerits. If the vehicle was driven with all season tyres, the Insurance company decides if accident was caused because vehicle was not equiped with statuary winter equipment. Based on results, Insurance company can reject the disbursment.




Prices of winter tyres can vary. From few tens of euros up to few hundred euros per tyre. 


In Slovenia there is around two hundred vulcanisation services and a lot of shops where tyre changing can be done.


Approximate price is 40,00 eur but since there is a lot of competition on the market you can find a lot of discounts and coupons. Although tempting, experts advise against the cheapest solution. Remember to always ask for a receipt, since quality of tyre service can vary as well. 



Adjust driving to the road conditions in winter. 

reduce driving speed
increase safety distance
be gentle on the pedal either braking and going.

Slovenia is a diverse country with certain road sections exposed to ice. Be extra cautious on

roads through the forests
roads, exposed to the wind




When? From November 15th until March 15th
What? 4 winter tyres M+S (3mm profile) + snow chains. For 4x4 wheel steering same regulations apply, chains should be installed on two constantly engaged steering wheels.
Where? All area except coastal - list of roads and regulations



When? From November 1st until April 15th.
What? 4 winter tyres (4 mm profile) + snow chains on rear steering
Where? All area.
Additional! Chains can be installed only if roads are coverd with ice or slippery hard  snow. In case of roads partially be coverd with snow/slush, usage of snow chains is not allowed. Depending on signalisations, on some higher grounds/roads, snow chains can be obligatory on winter tyres.
Fine for disregarding regulations is 35 EUR, in case of causing traffic congestions can be up to 5.000 EUR.



When? From November 1st until April 15th. In Aosta valley from October 15th until April 15th. Period is shorter in some areas. 
What? 4 winter tyres and snow chains in additional equipment.
Additional! In case of heavy rain/snowfall, snow chains can be required for driving on higer grounds/roads.
Fine for unappropriate winter equipment is 39 EUR for roads within city limits and 80 EUR outside of city limits, police can also forbid driving.



When? From November 15th until April 15th, during all weather conditions.
What? 4 winter tyres M+S or 4 all season tyres (min. 4 mm profile) + chains on rear steering wheel.
Where? Specific roads in Croatia, in case of snow other roads as well.
Fine for unappropriate winter equipment is 700 HRK (app. 100,00 eur).



When? From November 15th until April 15th, regardless of road conditions. 
What? 4 winter tyres (M+S label) with min.  4mm profile or 4 lall season tyres with min. 4mm profile + snow chains in additional equipment.
Where? All area.

Fine for unappropriate winter equipment is 40 KM (app. 20,50 eur), in an accident is occured because of unappropriate equipment the fine is from 50KM (app. 25,70 eur) up to 200KM (app. 103,00 eur).


When? From November 1st until April 1st, in case of snow/ice on the roads, winter equipment is obligatory. 
What? 4 winter tyres with 4 mm on all wheels. In winter period, there is obligatory to have snow chains in additional equipment and use them if necessary on roads outside city limits (rural roads).
Where? All area.

Fine for unappropriate winter equipment is 3.000 dinars (app. 30 EUR).



When? No legal period regulations. Winter equipment is mandatory if weather conditions demands so: snowing, sluch or ice on roads, etc. 
What? 4 witner tyres (min. 1,6 mm profile , advised 4 mm profile) with M+S / snowflake sign. Vehicles with 4x4 wheel steering aplly as well.
Where? All area.
Additional! All season tyres + snow chains in are not enough in winter conditions. Winter tyres as well as snow chains are obligatory if siganlisations demands so.
Fine for unappropriate winter equipment is 60 EUR, in case of obstructing the traffic  80,00 EUR or more.


When? No legal period regulations. Winter equipment je obvezna kadar so zimske razmera ali kadar je s prometnim z znakom določena uporaba zimske opreme. (npr. snežnih verig...)
What? 4 winter tyres (3,5 mm profile) or snow chains
Where? All area.
Additional! For higher grounds/ roads usage of snow chains is often required for vehicles equipped with winter tyres as well.



When? No legal period regulations. Winter equipment is obligatory in case of heavy snowfall, ice on roads, etc..
What? 4 winter tyres. Snow chains are obligatory if there are signs on the roads.
Where? All area.
Additional! In winter time higher grounds/ roads and passes are driveable only with appropriate snow chains, that is why snow chains are advised to include in additional vehicle equipment. In case of an accident, the driver can be held responsible if winter equipment is not appropriate.



When? No legal regulations.
What? No legal regulations.
Additional! In case of heavy snowfall, signs for mandatory use of snow chains can be put on the road. If so, chains are already  required upon crossing the border.
                         vir: http://internet.kozut.he                      


Atet Rent A Car Ljubljana is dedicated to quality of service and absolute safety in winter season. All vehicles, around 200 hundred vehicles are currently in our car fleet, are equipped with winter tyres during winter season and we offer all necessary winter equipment as well as all information you would need. We are glad to help and answer all your questions or concerns. 


ATET Rent a Car is one of few car rental services that is fully prepared in advance. We make sure that all our vehicles are fully equiped, checked and ready for winter season. We also provide excelent replacement vehicles, which are regulary requested in this period as well as vehicles that are needed for various vacations and occassions. A car rental in Ljubljana or any of our other offices is  defintely a safe decision.


Besides that, we offer snowchains to all our customers, but they are not mandatory and the desicion is up to you.


Our WINTER PACKAGE solves everything:


All our vehicles are equipped with scrapers for ice and snow cleaning. It is mandatory that vehicles are cleaned of snow and are heavily fined if not.
All Atets vehicles have always a sufficient amount of antifrost fluid for windshields against freezing.
We also make sure that door locks, handbrakes are impecable, and that windows and doors sealed perfectly.
We check car batteries frequently, and always thoroughly clean them.
In case of a heavy snowfall forecast a customer can order a snow shovel and plastic mats under the wheels of cars.
In case of a heavy snowfall, if a rental car can not be returned on time, simply call our 24/7 emergency number 00386 30 313 313. ATET can authorize the extension of the rental vehicle. The telephone number above can also be called if you would need any infortion or help depending on your situation our agent will give you necessary details and/or instructions on how to proceed. 





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