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Slovenia: one of the world's safest countries


CHECK THE RATE OF RISK for all parts of the world


Slovenia is at the top seven countries, that are considered safest for all travelers. 


Two International organisations, International SOS and Control Risks, have published map of risks, that is placing Slovenia among seven countries with the lowest rate of risk for tourists. Beside Slovenia countries also included are: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Luxembourg.


Countries are arranged according to the rate of risk, that a traveller can expect in certain part of the world. Europe is considered a low risk, with exception of Russia, Ukraine and Kosovo. As well equal level of safety applies to Australia, Canada and United States.


For example Turkey, Russia, Brazil and Saudi Arabia are considered among areas, where the risk is for tourists is somewhere in the middle. You can experience high risk with a visit of  Venezuela, Mexico and DR of Congo. States, that have highest and extreme rate of risk are Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, southern Sudan, Mali and Yemen.



Travel Risk Map provides a comprehensive overview of health and security risks by destination. It can help you and your people in their travel risk mitigation efforts.








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