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Rent a Car Adventures-Trubar Farmstead


October 31st is not just a great day for carving pumpkins, magicians and parties but it represents a day when all Slovenians remember the Reformation period, which has started in 1517 with the known act of Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses on claims for reorganisation of the church, on the doors of Wittenberg Church. Right in the times of Reformation, under the feather of Primož Trubar, first Slovene book was being written; Cathechism. 


Time really could not be more perfect time to visit farmstead of Father of Slovene language, which is located only 30 minutes away from Ljubljana, in a small village Rašica.


If you would want to combine your cultural day with some sport activities as well, our advice is to park your car a bit ahead in Velike Lašče and start your Velike Lašče Cultural trail. Hiking enthusiasts and those who do not find so much joy in hiking will find the trail easy and full of cultural and historical features with some beautiful Slovene nature, the trail is approximately 15 kilometers long. You will be able to see the birth place of Fran Levstik, Josip Stritar and Primož Trubar. The main points are: Velike Lašče, Retje (Levstik), Podsmreka (Stritar) and Rašica (Trubar). 


You will most defintely enjoy these these wonderful small villages of Dolensjka region.





Trubar's farmstead, that stands on the hill of river Rašica, is renewed, all buildings have kept outside image from the original time of construction. The heart of farmstead is a house with the mill in two floors. Upper floor takes the memorial room of Primož Trubar, of which the stained glass windows portrait all his important contemporaries (perosns of his time). Beside mentioned, still sawmill, hayrack and a barn, that was uniting a stable, a granary and a hayloft under one roof once, are a part of the farmstead as well. The former stable is an inn - Trubar's grove, where you can eat or enjoy this beautiful view while drinking your favourite drink.





Let the small Dolenjska villages be only a start to all your future autumn adventures. 



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