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Rent a Car Adventures-Goriška brda





Goriška brda are on utmost west of Slovenia between the Adriatic Sea and Alps, where many hills are increased with vines and orchards. They strongly remind on Tuscany of Italian region and their smallness allows more intimate discoveries. Now that the holiday of Saint Martin is behind us (he who changes the wine) it is time for a visit of this wine country region.


If you do not have your own car, you can rent a car to go on an adventure. Since the is a high chance that you will try at least one glass of wine in Brda, you can also take care of accommodation right there. You will find a lot of unique hotels, private rooms and suites as well as a lot of friendly hosts on family farms. You will not be thirsty or hungry for sure!


Not only culinary art, also castles and white churches are the pride of the many Brda small villages, behind of which we can find a lot of interesting stories.






Biljana is known as one of the most beautiful villages, but also as the oldest parish in Brda. It is known above all for the bell tower of Aquileia type on a church, that is being mentioned for the first time in written sources in the year of 1233. Church is not the only builidng worth seeing in this village. Your attention could also deserve Dorišče, a building with a small tower, that was among other matters also the military hospital during the 1st World War.







Dobrovo is seat of municipality and the center of Brda. A pedunculate oak, that they named place with a mighty castle  (kind of an oak), was most numerical here around among trees once. Four towers on all corners, with astonoshing view of the surroundings, are giving us an characteristic image. It is taken care of all cultural artistic souls. You can take a look at collection of graphic works of Zoran Mušič, a worldly known painter, that is constant in this renaissance castle, you can also see some occasional museum collections.






Medana is the home village of the Slovene poet and translator Alojz Gradnik and also the place of festival Days of poetry and wine. Festival is grew with years and outgrew spatial capacities of Gradnik's house, therefore it moved on streets of Ptuj. You may find many lodging houses, wine cellars and top stamps of wines here.







Šmartno at Slovenj Gradec, definitely most known name known in Brda, since it is the pearl of architecture and culture. It is hiding behind rampart with five kept towers. Church of St. Martin is the center of a village, that also name got of a village, still. Around we can find narrow streets that give us a feeling of Medevial times. Photographers will notice a lot of specific details and places to take beautiful pictures. It is hard to put such speciality into words, one must see it to believe it. Šmartno at Slovenj Gradec isn't cultural monument for no reason.







Gonjače is worth visiting above all because of 23 metres of a high outlook tower. You will be rewarded with astonishing view on all parts of a sky after climbing on 144 stairs. If weather is favourable, an eye catches Brda, as well as both Julian and Karnian Alps, Dolomites, Friuli and also the Trieste bay, Kras, Vipava Valley and the Trnovo forest. Monument, devoted to victims of the Second World War on right bank of the Soča, is positioned next to an outlook tower.






Well if you really want to feel the culture and hospitality of people while also having a feeling of being in second Tuscany while exploring the Slovenian wineyards, then you should consider Pintar Estate.


You can be one of those people who enjoy breathtaking views of Brda Hills, since the Pintar Estate is located rigth at the end of Brestje village. 


The choice to stay at this place is the rigth one for those who want to feel the Brda hills vibe, enjoy the smell of pines and vines, all while completely experiencing the freedom and peace of all the nature around you.


Besides taking care of their exquisite vines and wine they are also very proud of their delicious cherries, which of course is another one of "culinary must do's" on your Brda Bucketlist.


Source: Pintar Estate




Only handful of villages and sights of Goriška brda are mentioned here, so lets say others can remain a secret, which you can discover by yourselves...




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