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Rent a Car Adventures-Bogenšperk Castle


Only few minutes from the heart of Slovenia, in a municipality Šmartno pri Litiji, right beside of main road connection of Dolenjska and Zasavje region, proudly stands old renaissance town castle »Bogenšperk«.







'' this castle is still one of those old mountain castles, built on the tall hill in the middle of forest. The castle has a beautiful view on Koroška and Štajerska region, and you can enjoy Slovenian fresh and healthy air, no plains, but still fields on hills, delicious fruit of every kind - cherries are four or five on one pedicel - In vicinity of Vinska Gorica, not far from the castle, beautiful black and yellow marble, that I already written on in my place."


In such way has Janez Vajkard Valvasor described his home in his famous work »Slava Vojvodine Kranjske« (originally Die Ehre dess Hertzogthums Crain). Original copy of the mentioned book and his  other work are on display in Valvasor's study. Beside his study room there are many other museum exhibitions that defintely offer important history of the  castle, copper printery, Slovene geodesic collection etc. You can discover history of a castle by yourself or you can decide for an organized tour of the castle , that starts every full hour.








But on no account you should devote all your time only to rooms behind thick castle walls. The castle parks, Tilia-linden tree avenue and many beautiful paths near the castle, offer great relaxation for body and mind. For all sport enthusiasts in immediate vicinity of the castle there is circular trim of paths Bogenšperk. The path is 2.3 km long and has 12 stations with 19 stretching and power endurance exercises.


From Ljubljana you will get to this idyllic location in only 50 minutes. And if you fall in love with this place, Bogenšperk Castle is also a popular wedding destination.







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