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Ptuj is thought to be the oldest Slovenian town. One of the most picturesque, with one of the most beautiful town centres. It has always had an important strategic position and was thus involved in many events of historic importance. It's a lovely car rental trip day from any of our offices in Ljubljana, Ljubljana airport, Bled, Maribor or Koper.



The skyline is dominated by Ptuj castle. It's not only well preserved but offers an excellent view of the area. The oldest written record, dating back to early 12th century, reveals the order of reconstruction given by Konrad the 1st, which means that some sort of castle already stood there in the 11th century.


It was regarded as the mightiest fortresses in this part of the country during Turk invasions. There were several reconstructions until late 19th century when the castle was saved by Theresia Herberstein, the countess who bought it in 1873. She saved it from ruin and it remained in family's hands until 1945. After the World War II, the castle was turned into a museum.


dating back to roman times

There are more castles in the neighbourhood, as well as monuments, churches and monasteries, but Ptuj's history hasn't started with the castle, though. There are many pieces of evidence of its importance dating back to Roman times. Like The Orpheus monument on the Slovene square in front of the City Tower. It is the biggest monument of its kind in the Roman Province of the Upper Pannonia. There is Mithra III shrine in the Ptuj suburb of Zgornji Breg. There are Roman monuments in the centre of the town.


Excellent water park

On your way back to Ljubljana you should stop at the Roman necropolis in Sempeter.

Ptuj is also known for the water park and spa with a huge complex of swimming pools and wellness centre. It is also a wine growing region with plenty of wine cellars.



Ljubljana  138 km    86 min
Bled  192 km  113 min
Ljubljana Airport 141 km    95 min
Maribor 30 km   29 min
Koper 245 km   141 min