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A Century of tourism

Portoroz has tourist written all over it. Seeds have been planted in the second part of 19th Century when health complexes offering concentrated saltwater and saline treatments started to emerge.


Survived two wars

In 1890 a predecessor to now famous Hotel Palace was built and some ten years later a railway was introduced. Tracks are gone but the tunnels are still in good use today for bikers and hikers to explore Slovenian coastline and cities like Izola, Strunjan and Koper. Portoroz was gaining popularity fast but was twice severely set back by two world wars and it wasn't until the 60's when it started to grow again.


Chess royalty

One of the most memorable moments was an interzonal chess tournament in 1958 with three world champions Mihail Tal, Bobby Fischer in Tigran Petrosian.


Since the secession from Yugoslavia, Portoroz has become one of the most important tourist destinations in Slovenia.


Plenty to do

Apart from health tourism, visitors have been trying their luck at Portoroz casinos for more than a century as well. Currently, three are operational.


Apart from enjoying the beach, Portoroz has an excellent network of backcountry bike trails that lead to Secovlje Salina or neighbouring towns Izola, Koper, Piran.


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