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Novo mesto

novo mesto slovenia


A hidden jewel

Novo mesto may not be the most famous tourist site in Slovenia but it's a beautiful city to visit. It lies in The South eastern part of Slovenia in a lovely Dolenjska region, easily accessible in less than an hour from Atet Ljubljana office. 


Full of monuments

Novo mesto area is full of cultural monuments, castles, and natural landmarks, thus, car rental is an obvious choice and the easiest way to explore them. Especially if you follow our advice and spend your day cruising from Novo mesto to Catez some 40 km away.


One of Novo mesto most recognizable features is an old city center encircled by river Krka. It's a wonderful place to relax after a drive from Ljubljana. It's green and very peaceful.


Castle Otočec


Castle infested

The area has some of the most famous castles in Slovenia. The closest to Novo Mesto is Manor gorge with Devil's tower and Grm castle.


Not far away is Castle Brezice. Less than ten minutes away is Otočec castle, shortly followed by Kostanjevica castle. Around Catez, one can visit Mokrice castle. It is a favorite wedding place, to which Atet provides excellent wedding car hire.


The area is not just about castles. Kostanjevica offers a lot more than heavy walls, so does Pleterje Carthusian Monastery, founded in 1403.


Distances from various Atet Rent A Car offices

Ljubljana airport 98 km 60 min
Koper 170 km   105 min
Ljubljana centre 70 km 48 min
Maribor centre   185 km   108 min
Bled 126 km 76 min