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Visit Kranj


Things to see in Kranj

So you want to visit Kranj, huh? It would be a shame to miss it. Half way between Bled and Ljubljana it is often unknowingly passed by.


Kranj is well known for its skyline, shaped by a medieval city wall, a castle, church steeples and defensive towers. It was strategically built on a natural platform, carved long ago by two rivers, Sava and Kokra.


visit kranj


On a sunny day, Karavanke mountains complete one of the loveliest city images in Slovenia. But that is hardly all.


Strategic value

Long ago early settlers recognized Kranj's strategic value and its natural conditions which offered protection and a chance to flourish.


kranj kokra bridge


Which Kranj did.


Many sites

Many archaeological findings and sites are a proof of that, and it is no surprise the town was important throughout history.


kranj ossuary

Entrance to Kranj's ossuary next to the parish church

Thus many cultural sights, like


  • The parish church of St.Kancijan
  • Khislstein castle and country mansion
  • The chapel of St Peter
  • Kranj defense wall
  • Layer house (lovely cafe)
  • City hall
  • Toll House
  • Pavslar house
  • Pirc dye-works
  • Preseren Grove
  • Preseren memorial museum
  • Plecnik arcade and fountain
  • Pungert towers and church
  • Slovenski trg
  • Ossuary


They are mostly packed inside the city center and make a sightseeing very dynamic. Some of them have long turned into museums with interesting exhibitions.


Kranj Kokra canyon

A view of the Kokra canyon from the main city center bridge.


What sets Kranj apart

What sets Kranj apart from other Slovenian cities is its unique location on the top of river Kokra canyon.


The southern tip of the pier at Pungert offers one of the best views over the end of the canyon where Kokra ends it's journey and flows into the Sava.


kranj pungart

Pungert air walk


A platform was built a few years ago to enhance the view and emphasize the experience. But the interesting part is, it is suspended at the exact spot where a defensive tower used to be.


It plunged into the canyon long ago, so the platform is a reminder of a constant erosion. 


Trail down the Canyon in Kranj

A trail into the canyon from the city center.


There are many trails leading down the canyon and the best would be next to a bridge in the town's center.


A round trip on a trail right next to the water is interesting and also quite refreshing during hot summer days.


kranj underground tunnel

Underground tunnels


Kranj underground tunnels

The canyon reveals another secret. An entrance to underground tunnels. Construction started before and finished during the Second World War. They were meant as air raid shelters, left abandoned for some time, but were recently restored.


They house different popular events, such as Halloween and wine exhibitions.


 kranj glavni trg main square


Kranj is just as interesting on the outside as on the inside. For more information please visit local Local tourist information office.


Kranj Plecnik arcades


Ljubljana - Kranj

Some 26 km from Ljubljana, Kranj is within a biking distance. It is well connected to capital through various route options, main being a western highway.


We recommend visiting Skofja Loka as well. Some 11km away it has many similar features and stands as one of the best old town centers in Slovenia.


It is also close to Ljubljana airport, very much on the way to Bled, Bohinj, Kranjska Gora or NE part of Italy.


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Hotels in Kranj Slovenia

There are various hotels in and around Kranj.

  • Azul Kranj (close to E61 motorway, Kranj East exit)
  • Kranj Actum (in the historic city center)
  • Hotel Creina (on the edge of historic city center)


For further tourist information please visit Local tourist information office.


Author: Iztok Golob.