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Lovely city 

Celje by Savinja river is an interesting city with and excellent strategic location and picturesque surroundings. It is easily reachable from any of Atet's Rent A Car office in Ljubljana or Atet rent a car office in Maribor.



The most prominent feature is the old medieval castle, once home to the counts of Celje. It lies southwest of the town and it is currently being restored. The castle is on the top of the hill that offers a good hike and an excellent view of the area.


Another historic site is The Temple of Heracles just above the city park.


If you are interested in site seeing, don’t forget The prince's mansion, a residence for counts and later The Princes of Celje during the 14th and 15th century. The building has undergone many changes since, most of them during the reign of Austrian Empress Marija Terezija.


Another building with a rich history is The Old County, constructed between 1580 and 1603 where the southeastern battlements and outbuildings used to stand. The beautiful archways were added to the northern side of the building at the beginning of the 17th century.


The famous Celje Ceiling was discovered during reconstruction in the 1930’s, the building became the home of the Celje regional museum after The Second World War.


One should also mention St Mary’s shrine, The old Christian Baptistery, and The Celje Hall. Apart from that, there are plenty of museums and galleries in Celje, including Racka, a first erotic art gallery in Slovenia. Accommodation facilities are good. There are plenty of restaurants in Celje to stop and rest when moving from eastern to central Slovenia.


Tourist info 

For more information visit Celje tourist office webpage.




Ljubljana 78 km 51 min
Koper 183 km 104 min
Ljubljana Airport 80 km 61 min
Maribor 53 km 38 min