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lake bohinj slovenia


Bohinj is regarded as one of Slovenian tourism jewels.


The name actually represents a basin that covers an area of around hundred square kilometers, located in the Northwestern part of the country.


Bohinj lies within The Alps and is a part of Triglav national park. By that, nature around it is well preserved.


Lake Bohinj 


Bohinj’s main feature is Lake Bohinj. It’s also the center of many activities like

  • rowing,
  • swimming,
  • cycling,
  • jogging,
  • hiking,
  • sightseeing...


Lake Bohinj


Things to do

Just above the Lake Bohinj is Vogel. A well-known winter ski center, very much alive in the summer, too. It is accessible by either cable car or on foot and has a variety of lovely trails.


There is also a mountain bike park on Vogel and one must not forget its popularity within paragliding community.


Lake Bohinj 


Climbing mountains is another important reason why visitors come to Bohinj. Mount Triglav is one of them. It's a challenge, but the easiest route to the top doesn't require special climbing skill.


Good physical condition and proper clothing are recommended, though. On your way, climbers can stop at Triglav lakes. Some of them are just ponds really, but the water is spectacularly clear.


Savica waterfall

Savica waterfall

Another popular landmark in Bohinj is Savica waterfall. It’s probably the most famous waterfall in Slovenia. It forms a pool, artificially supported by the dam.


There is also the viewing point on top of the gorge. Savica waterfall is some 4 kilometers away from Ukanc, you can either walk or drive there. 



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Tourist info 

For more information visit Bohinj tourist office webpage.



Ljubljana 76 km 60 min
Maribor 200 km 120 min
Koper 178 km 120 min




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