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Old vignettes time is running out

New vignette

Holders of the last year's vignettes in Slovenia has just a little more than two weeks to replace old stickers with the new ones which come in red orange colour. Atet Rent A Car Ljubljana customers don't need to worry about it though. Vignettes are provided by a company at a significantly lower cost.


Vignette prices

Vignette prices remain unchanged in 2016. The annual cost for a car is 110 euros, thirty euros for a monthly and fifteen euros per weekly vignette.

There are more than 1600 selling points in Slovenia and more than thousand abroad.

Penalty for vignette
Vignettes are mandatory. Valid only if they are properly installed on the inside of the windscreen. Consequences are not to be underestimated as penalties can be costly, anywhere from 300 up to 800 euros.


Atet customers taken care of

Atet Rent A Car Ljubljana customers pay only three euros per day for vignette and not moreethan 15 euros per rental. Therefore the cost is significantly lower than if it was purchased by the client himself. ATET does not provide vignettes for foreign countries though. They are needed in Hungary and Austria. Italy and Croatia rely on a toll system and pay as you go principle.