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Ljubljana is the small capital city of Slovenia but with a great and powerful symbol that represents it – a Dragon. The legend says that a Greek hero named Jason stole the Golden Fleece from the king of the Black Sea and later fled on a ship. The trip led him and the Argonauts to Ljubljanica river and since it was winter at that time they decided to spend it near Ljubljana. In the spring they had an encounter with a dragon by the lake, Jason heroically fought with the dragon and finally killed it. From then on he is known as the first citizen of Ljubljana. Today the symbol of dragon is present in the city coat of arms anf the town flag, on license plates of Ljubljana, urban buildings and all kinds of different elements. 





We would say that traveling with a car is the best way to experience the country and all elements it offers, since you can stop along the way and the biggest benefit is that you are not reliable of any public transportation – you make your own itinerary, is there any better way?




Car hire is currently the most asked for service in Ljubljana concerning mobility, as also the individuals that own their own vehicle are deciding for it if their own car does not suit them in a particular situation or they would need a replacement car for their broken one. For example a family that own a smaller car but decides to take a trip to the seaside for a longer period would need a larger vehicle with enough luggage space, so the fastest and cheapest option is to rent a bigger car and they are ready to go. And for all tourists visting Slovenia it is the easiest and most comfortable way to travel around.





Ljubljana really is a great start base from which you can visit the rest of Slovenia. You can rent a car in Ljubljana and travel to different part of Slovenia each day. There is something for each and everyone – for all adventure seekers there is a variety of thrilling sports and activities available or hiking in beautiful mountains, all kinds of cultural events with historical sightings, amazing food distinctive for each part of Slovenia. And the best part? Since Slovenia is so small, everything really is just a short drive away so you can experience it all. It is also perfect for people who don't like to move around a lot. You can stay in Ljubljana, rent a car and decide on taking different day trips and explore country this way. Either way we think you will have a bucketlist worthy roadtrip.





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