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New traffic signals for driving in fog

Dars - Motorway Company of Republic of Slovenia set a new traffic signs on the is the Styrian highway to increase safety in case of fog, reported online Žurnal24. It is in the shape of vertical tables with speed limits and half circles next to the road that indicate visibility. 

New signaling drivers points to the need to reduce speed in the event when due to the fog and speed certain elements of signals are no longer visible.

New signaling is in the test phase, for now placed only on the motorway section Domzale - Šentjakob.


Some tips for driving in fog

  1. Familiarize yourself with local weather characteristics. In some places the fog is thicker and more often.
  2. Keep a greater safety distance between vehicles
  3. Keep the front windshield clean of moisture, which significantly reduces visibility
  4. Use fog lights. They are placed lower andpointed towards the ground, thereby reducing reflections.
  5. Do not use high beam when the fog is thick. It only bounces back and further reducing visibility.
  6. Don't drift. Drivers often instinctively pull towards the middle of the road in low visibility
  7. Beware of animals on the road
  8. Stop if the visibility is too small
  9. Collaborate with fellow passengers and ask them for help