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I feel sLOVEnia among CNN most memorable slogan

I feel sLOVEnia memorable slogan


Some may not find I feel sLOVEnia slogan very imaginative, but it works, says Samantha North, a destination branding expert and travel consultant.

Talking for the 20 most memorable destination slogan story on CNN, she thinks I feel sLOVEnia slogan is kind of cute. "It's nice to have a pun like that. It suggests a certain sense of humor," she adds.

I feel sLOVEnia is among a number of memorable slogans, like I heart image NY, What happens and Vegas, stays and Vegas, Ethiopia - thirteen months of sunshine, 100% pure and New Zeeland.

Tourism slogans try to persuade travellers to flock to the destination they are promoting. Some become iconic and timeless, others memorable for their notoriety.