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Fuel Prices In Slovenia

Fuel prices in Slovenia




Last updated on 05.8.2022.


Diesel 1.67
Unleaded 95 1.54
Unleaded 98 1.96


Fuel prices compared to neighboring countries

Gasoline prices in some of the neighboring countries recently. Be advised, these are average prices which may vary up to 20%.  


Fuel Austria Croatia Italy Hungary
Dizel 1,84 1,62 1.88 1,93
Unleaded 95 1.84 1,51 1.89 1,79
Unleaded 98 2,04 1.78 2,32 1,93

Source: AMZS




According to Atet's Terms and conditions, the cost of fuel is not included in the cost of the rental. The vehicle is delivered to the Renter with a full tank and should be returned in same way.


The Renter must return the vehicle with the full tank filled with the same type of fuel that was in the vehicle at the beginning of the rental period. If the Renter returns the vehicle without a full tank he will be charged additionally for the service of adding the extra missing fuel (refilling service + cost of missing fuel).


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