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Erasmus Student Car Hire







All Erasmus students get a WELCOME VOUCHER for -10,00 eur and when they rent a car for their first time at ATET, the price will be 10,00 EUR lower!



When making a booking write in the comment box that you would like to use your welcome voucher and our reservation's centre will send you a modified confirmation.


You can also just tell our agents upon the pick up that you would like to use your welcome voucher, they will check if you are renting for the first time and will modify your price right there. EASYBREEZYSIMPLE, right??



* One voucher applies for one person who is renting for the first time.

* On one rental only one voucher can be used.




Book the car with STUDENT discount

* Discount code (STUDENT) is already included. 










Write SPRING in the comment box at the last step of your booking to receive additional voucher for - 5,00 €. Our Reservation's Centre will include additional benefit and send you modified reservation. 


* Applies only for rentals with pick up of the vehicle between  25.04. and 05.05. 2019



FELU students



Book the car with STUDENT discount

* Discount code (STUDENT) is already included.












upon availability 


from just 50,00€


when you collect 10 rental days - 10 loyalty points


Other standard student benefits

  • FREE pick up the night before, if you plan to start your trip before 07:00 AM

  • 50% discount on WINTER PACKAGE (applies from 15.11.-15.3.)


How do I get all these

Simply, by taking advantage of Atet's special ERASMUS student car hire discount. 

Book the car with STUDENT discount

* Discount code (STUDENT) is already included.




FELU students





Super easy renting

Atet makes car rental for students super easy. Not only we trust you 100%, with pretty much any car you wish to choose, and let you take it anywhere you want, our cars are also superb and our car fleet is well maintained. Only low deposit is requested and also loyalty points are collected.


So, look no further, as you are at the right place.


Am I eligible

Students on international exchange with valid Student card are eligible. Driver's license is mandatory.


How old do I have to be

18 years.


Where can I rent from

Our branches are located in Ljubljana, Ljubljana airport, Maribor and Koper.


atet ljubljana




atet ljubljana airport office

Ljubljana Airport

atet maribor office


atet koper office


atet bled office




Favorite cars

There are no limitations to choosing a car. ERASMUS students can pretty much book any car within our car fleet. Some of the favorite cars among ERASMUS students are:


VW Polo


Škoda B Group


  Opel Zafira

A Group: VW Polo

From 20€/day*


B2 Group: Skoda Fabia Combi

From 28,80€/day*


D1 Group: Opel Zafira

From 43,00€/day*

*this daily price is estimated in the case of 7-days rent


How Do I Book


  1. Just click on the button below
  2. Choose dates and one of our branches


Discount code (STUDENT) is already included. Guaranteed. 


Bring your Student card with you. Make sure you don't forget it as we don't give special deals to anyone if a valid Student card is not presented.


Loyalty points

Each car rental day gives you one point. Ten points give you a car rental day for free. 


Book the car with STUDENT discount

* Discount code (STUDENT) is already included.


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