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Coronavirus: Safe Car Rental in Slovenia

Last updated: 01.10.2021



Currently we are all dealing with situation of Coronavirus outbreak and searching for all useful informations we can get. We at ATET Rent a car wanted to let you know that at this time we have already implemented all suggested safety measures and are following all official protocols of Slovenian government and World Health Organization.


Currently our services and offices are working as usual, only with added safey precautions. If you would need avehicle you can check our online offer or send an email Inquiry.





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If you would need any additional informations, please do not hesitate to contact our Reservation's Centre on ... or call on +386 1 320 82 30.










We are the only one in Slovenia with our own carwash, which allows us even more control over quality of our service and additional safety.



Important active safety measures taken at ATET Rent a Car:


  • Customers that are visiting our car rental offices in Ljubljana, Maribor, Koper and on Ljubljana Airport are entering individually - one by one. If there is no need to enter the offices then all rental procedures are done outsife the building.
  • In most cases we previously agree with customer on which location the vehicle is delivered.
  • All customers and employees need to use the hand sanitizer when entering our offices as well.
  • All employees also need to wear safety gloves and masks during all rental procedures as well as cleaning process.
  • There is no physical contact during pick up or drop off of the vehicle.
  • All our offices and fascilites are being frequently cleaned with recommended sanitizing products.
  • All the returned vehicles are thoroughly cleaned with sanitizing products. Extra care and attention is payed to all surfaces touched by customer, such as: all handles, steering wheel, seats, buttones and all others hard surfaces.
  • Additional safety measures for our emplyees welfare are also in use: All employees are urged to frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing. Some of our employees/ departments are working from home to minimize number of contacts at office All employees need to minimize all contacts with other people during their free time as well. Employees have also received additional instructions when feeling ill, to stay at home and contact their doctor. 


Your safety and safety of ATET Rent a Car team is our main prioritey. At this time we also thank you for all your trust in our team and serivce.





After the thorough cleaning process every vehicle is then disinfected and equipped with a notice of disinfection as well as additional useful information for renter during their rental. 




Inquiries and Reservations:


At ATET Rent a Car we do not have any Cancellation Policy, which means that you can cancel your Inquiry or confirmed Reservation at any time, without any additional cancellation fees.


Since we do not know how long measures to reduce spreading Coronavirus in Slovenia will last, our advice is to keep your current confirmed reservations for Car Rental and make a booking for later dates. This way we can provide a free car for you in your desired rental period. If needed you can, as explained above, cancel or change your confirmed reservation little before planned arrival as well, without any problem, snce we do not have any cancellation or modification fees whatsoever.



Contact Information:


If you would need any informations, if you have any concerns about your planned trip or your confirmed reservation, we are here to offer all our help and answer all your concerns.


If you are or will be in need of a Car rental we are here to offer our service.

You are welcome to use our online discount and send your Inquiry online HERE.


  • There is no prepayment.
  • There is no cancellation or modifications fees.



Please do not hesitate to contact our Reservation's Centre on or call on +386 1 320 82 30.