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lake bled


Lake Bled has long since been a popular tourist destination. Many immediately fell in love with the place for some of the most amazing images stuck in their minds forever.


It is not surprising they often come back for they just never seem to stop finding things to explore. A good car hire makes it much easier and you can pick it easily at Atet Rent A Car office.


Amazing bled sites

You don’t have to go far for some of the most amazing features, like iconic church on an island or an old, but well-preserved castle on what seems to be an inaccessible rock.


The truth is, both are within most people’s reach really. Scores of guest swim to the island every year, and many conquer that rock on foot easily.


The view from Bled’s castle is second to none, but it also reveals one of Bled’s lovely secrets. There is much more to see and do beyond lake shores too. 


bled castle  

Best Photo spots

Straza hill

Another beautiful view is from Straza hill.


Situated on the opposite side of the lake from the castle serves as a ski slope during the winter. In the summer, there is an adrenaline park on top and also, a sledding track leading down to the bottom for those who just can't have enough of excitement.


Mala Osojnica

My absolute favorite is Mala Osojnica. Situated in the southwestern part of the lake, above Bled camping, it enables you to catch island with the church, Bled castle and mountains behind in one single shot.


Lake Bled view from Osojnica


Bring your sports shoes for a more comfortable hike. It is not strenuous but it is none the less an uphill hike.


Outside Bled

Vintgar gorge

A few miles away from Bled is an entrance to the famous Vintgar gorge. It’s like an adventure really, walking on wooden planks, narrow paths, crossing the clear water stream a few times.


It’s a hike, but you hardly notice a challenge while minding your step and admiring what nature has to offer.


There is an admission to an entrance, but parking is free.



Bled offers plenty of relaxation, either on the shores of the lake or on Straza hill but if you want some real peace and quiet, you should take a ride to Pokljuka. It’s part of Triglav national park.


Don’t forget to bring your sports clothes and shoes. You never know, the fresh air might tempt you into some serious hiking or even taking on a proper challenge and conquer one of the lovely surrounding peaks. But for that, one day is not nearly enough. 


With Atet Car rental in Bled, you can also visit Lake Bohinj, or go on a little day trip. We strongly recommend places like Kranjska Gora, Kranj Martuljek waterfalls, Vršič pass, Mangart pass....


Tourist info 

For more information visit Bled tourist office webpage.



Ljubljana 54 km 39 min
Kranj 27 km 21 min
Ljubljana Airport 37 km 24 min